Exploring Marcelly

Since the aggressive confrontation by my ex best friend, needless to say that I was back to square one. No friends. I knew I had to start looking in my classroom once again. I didn’t rule out looking in the playground too. Because I was new, I felt so out of place and everyone were …

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Starting schooling at Marcelly

After my time at Ste Marie, I was ready for my new chapter. In the meantime, to ease the pain of my dad’s departure, we started Focolare movement, founded by Chiara Lubich. The Focolare movement, is a Catholic movement and it is an international organization. The headquarters are in Italy. Few years later, I would …

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Characters I identify myself with

After my dad’s brutal and heartbreaking departure, I started to binge watch TV with so much frequency. I was getting addicted to TV. My TV addiction couldn’t have come at a better or worst time (for my mum): During the 80s, especially the late 80s, Japanese animations were simply perfection. For me, it was a …

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About Me

My name is Telma and I currently work in a secondary school in England. Ironic since my worst years when I was a teenager was in a secondary school.
I grew up in Switzerland for approximately 15 years. I lived the best and the worst time of my life. Each week I’ll share with you my unique experience and perspective what it was like living in one of the world’s best known as well as breathtaking country. I hope you’re ready for a rollercoaster ride and a trip to my memory lane.


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