Home Sick

Switzerland. When you hear the name of this country, you immediately associate it with beautiful mountains, mouth watering chocolate, cheese, lakes and the list goes on.
When I left Switzerland in 2001, I was adamant it was for the best. Despite the beauty this country has to offer, I wanted something new, I was looking for a new adventure. Switzerland is very peaceful compare to London. No doubts you can not compare the UK and Switzerland. They say the grass is not always greener on the other side. Also, you realise what you have when you lost it.
Despite all the ups and downs, I lived the best and worst memorable experiences in Switzerland, one of the world’s most beautiful country. After living in London for approximately 19 years, I do miss my home and desperately wish I could return. With children, who don’t speak the language, although they love visiting Switzerland, I quickly realised they won’t settle as formalities in Geneva, one of the world’s most expensive cities, are hard to process.
 If I was on my own, things would have been so different and I would have packed up already and returned home. It is so funny how I used to find Switzerland so boring, so quiet. I miss those qualities. No matter where I am right now, or where I will end up, Switzerland has been integral to me and I will always consider it my home.
I shall take you to the beginning before my mum decided for all of us to move to Switzerland, as I was born in Portugal and lived in West Africa for a couple of years before going to that amazing country some say is as beautiful as a postcard. Let the rollercoaster ride begin.

2 thoughts on “Home Sick

    1. Thank you for reading a slice of my life. Reflecting makes it better. We can’t change the past but we can surely reflect and let it out or keep it in. However that means being miserable for the rest of your life


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