Swiss Chocolate

Swiss chocolate is chocolate produced in Switzerland. … Switzerland is particularly renowned for its milk chocolate. In 1875, a Swiss confectioner, Daniel Peter, developed the first solid milk chocolate using condensed milk, which had been invented by Henri Nestlé, who was Peter’s neighbour in Vevey.

The cows produce a more dense less aerated milk due to the fact they are at altitude and the milk they produce is officially known as Alpine milk. These two main ingredients are a big part of the reason why Swiss chocolate is so famous. The Swiss became famous for chocolate in the year 1819 when François-Louis Cailler (1796-1852) invented the mechanized production of pressed chocolate. He opens a chocolate factory in Vevey to produce Switzerland’s first mass-produced chocolate confection. Chocolate becomes more affordable and is sold as a packaged product.

Switzerland is known as the home of cheese, banking, and chocolateSwiss chocolates are world-famous, as the names Lindt, Toblerone, Läderach, Cailler, and even Nestlé feature in shops across the globe.

Swiss chocolate is famous around the world, but what are the secret ingredients and mysterious processes that make it so well-known and loved?From around 1819 until the present day, Swiss chocolate making has been recognised as a world standard which other countries can only dream of attaining. It all began in 1819, when François Louis Callier, opened the first chocolate factory in Switzerland. By 1857 Swiss farmers and developers had managed to promote the growth of cocoa trees in Ghana, Africa which is under their colonial control. Ghana still remains one of the foremost cocoa bean producers in the world.

And by 1875, after eight years of continuous research and experimentation, Daniel Peter, a Swiss citizen had created the first chocolate that contained a high proportion of milk, using one of Switzerland’s most easily available ingredients – the rich creamy milk produced by Swiss pastureland.

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