A science experiment

I saw myself as a science experiment. When people are literally trying to work you out constantly, my psychologist, my mum, my teacher and my classmates. I was just heartbroken and had no idea how to express it. I was so young as well. This level of attention I had, ironically made me feel so alienated. You know something is not right when you are not invited to birthday parties (I have been invited a couple of times in 3-4 years), I haven’t had the privilege to experience playdates. I felt so alone and withdrawn. 

I needed a distraction. My poor mum, who was already working hard to make ends meet, was working equally hard to find us activities to keep us occupied as clearly TV and comic books were not enough. Also, my mum was looking for a new school for us as the journey to and from school was so long. We had to cross the whole town just to go to school. 

I was obviously nervous for a new beginning to another school. I am sure the current school I was in, would welcome my departure in a heartbeat. It would be a great relief for everyone when word got out I was bound to leave my school.

What I didn’t know is the next school I would go to, I would spend the best 2 years of my life where classmates and teachers would finally accept me for me.

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