Exploring Marcelly

Since the aggressive confrontation by my ex best friend, needless to say that I was back to square one. No friends. I knew I had to start looking in my classroom once again. I didn’t rule out looking in the playground too. Because I was new, I felt so out of place and everyone were …

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A science experiment

I saw myself as a science experiment. When people are literally trying to work you out constantly, my psychologist, my mum, my teacher and my classmates. I was just heartbroken and had no idea how to express it. I was so young as well. This level of attention I had, ironically made me feel so …

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Seeing a psychologist

When my dad left us, it affected me the most. I was so inconsolable, so heartbroken. A piece of me left the day he did. Everything reminded me of him; the music we listened to, the television programs we watched, the comic books I read. The pain was so unbearable and intolerable. I was so …

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Life After My Dad Left

I was still shell shocked over my parents split. After days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, I just knew he wasn’t coming back. I was still hopefully however when my mum knew all along my dad would never return to us. The pain I felt was so unbearable, I was also becoming unbearable …

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