A tribute to my grandmother

Even though life in Switzerland was still not an easy ride, one person who absolutely adored Switzerland was my grandmother. She thoroughly enjoyed her visits there. I was wondering if she enjoyed the country more than actually visiting us. The first time she came to visit was in the early stages of my parents’ divorce. …

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A quick getaway

As the end of my awful time at Adrien-Jeandin was looming, I tried my best to make the most of it. I knew no one would miss me, especially the teacher. Frankly, I wouldn’t miss everyone myself. All I had was hurtful memories so far. Our teacher’s mood started to change slightly, although he would …

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It was fair to say, I faced a few months of pure hell. Returning to Portugal was exactly what the doctor ordered. Smelling the sea salt filled my nose with its powerful fragrance as well as cherished memories. I was home, finally. As always, when we return to Portugal, especially in Lisbon, we visit all …

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From bad to worse

I could sense things were not improving with my teacher nor with my classmates. You could clearly see who was my teacher’s favourite pupils. He never hidden that fact. He would give his favourites pupils nicknames. I was nonexistent, well only to humiliate me it seems which happened often. Despite my efforts, I was still …

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Return to Bissau 1993 

The heartbreaking and brutal murder of James still sent shockwaves worldwide. Even in Geneva, the story was still shocking. The only positive outcome about James’s murder was the vigilance of parents everywhere. The grainy CCTV image of James being led away to his murder is still frightening to this day. The fact that we were …

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